Great Trek West 2006 travel blog

Tim and Susan with the New RV and Truck

We have been making lists, reviewing lists and making more lists for the past 3 months or really 30 years for this trip! Today, we have winter clothes, summer clothes, cook books, presents, and everything else we might need on this adventure set aside in various rooms in the house. Yes, some is in the garage.

Tuesday, we will go get the Monty and bring it home for the loading in the 100 degree Texas summer heat! We will also weigh the Monty and then unload the extra stuff that we don't really need. Loading is not that much trouble since the shirts and pants are on hangers and everything else will end up in a drawer or cabinet in the trailer--no suit cases.

Oh--yes--we set up this website to follow our adventure. Hope it all works out!

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