Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

Me (Everest Base Camp, Tibet) It was very cold indeed. And very...

Me in Amazon Jungle. Very humid. And lots of piranhas and cockroaches.

Erica (Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley, Peru). Gorgeous, huh!

Son Shea (Iceland)

Son Marc

It has been an intense couple of months, having both my Ph.D. submission deadline and my Tae-Kwon Do black belt grading in the fortnight before I was due to go away, as well as coping with the adjustment to the last child leaving home, the vagaries of freelance consultancy, keeping a house together, and trying to maintain my relationship and social life. Time for a holiday, I think.

Only a shortish one this time, and only two countries (I think). First to Myanmar (Burma) for three weeks with Erica. Politically dodgy place with a very unpleasant government, famous as the world's second biggest heroin producer - was the biggest when the Taliban had pretty much wiped out the Afghan heroin trade. Course, the Americans messed that up. Also famous as biggest producer of methamphetamine, the 'latest' drug scare. But we're not there for the drugs, we're there for the usual stuff; great culture, fab temples, nice people and yummy food. Can't wait! And then after a couple of days together in fabby Bangkok, Erica flies home and I head off for three weeks in Vietnam on my own. Less of the drugs and corrupt and evil governments, more of the temples, culture, jungles, beaches, food and people. Should be good.

On this page, just in case anyone is interested, there are a couple of pics of me from previous outings, together with one of the lovely Erica and some of my kids. There were also copies of various important travel documents, for safekeeping in case my rucksack falls off a ferry and gets eaten by a crocodile, but I took them out so you couldn't steal my identity and buy a Ferrari.

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