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Rainbow over the poop deck!

My first sight of Spain

Nearly there now

Beach at Comillas

Is this Spain or Dorset?

El Capricho


Well the crossing was not a lot of fun, I woke every half hour as the boat heaved up and down, luckily I didn't heave myself :-) But I did get the opportunity to watch the Constant gardener in the mini cinema and took a nice photo of a rainbow over the ship - but Um I seem to have left the date cable to download the ouics as home so you will ahve to take my word for it!

Arriving in Santander was interesting. They are doing some roadworks outside the port so traffic was diverted, big bully policemen forced me to go in directions that upset Jane hugely (Jane is my TomTom and hers was the only UK English voice available). Anyway she and I fell out when I discovered that I am unable to use a Spanish postcode as a direction and until I realised that she took me round and round in circles. Once I relaised what was going on, I pulled into a side street thinking I would park up and sort myself out. bad mistake - it was a dead end with loads of cars parked and I nearly groaned at the prospect of three point turning Ducky there. Ducky is the motorhome, sickly name I know but it is built on a Fiat Ducato engine and thougn I tries to make a name out of the number plate (FJ04KYN) pronouncing the J like in fjord, I was told I had a filthy mind - ho hum!

Anyway I finally made it my campsite which was also not easy as Jane insisted it was on the wrong side of town and I had to find it by trial and error, but here I am in Comillas, to the West of Santander. The countryside here is so green, the campsite is really near the long sweep of golden sand and I think I am the only Brit staying there. There is a lovely old cobbled square, complete with church and town. My first visit into town was on my bike (thanks Lesley and Sue) but the hills are steep and the raods narrow, so though I cycled in I pushed it back. And that was where I found out somthing else about Jane. She plotted a long route back to the campsite using main roads so I told her to find another way - it looked good a fairly direct route from where I was to where I wanted to go. Just as well I was walking as it went the wrong way up one way streets and finally took me down a long steep narrow track that ended it steps. She is either very clever and worked out from my speed that I must be walking, or I shall be scared of asking for alternative routes when I am driving.

I went back into town yesterday, via the very small port and foinf a market in full swing, mostly clothes, bags and sunglasses but one stall was selling local produce so I bought a pack of three cheeses, all made here in Cantabria plus some bread baked with chorizo - I'm getting brave! After that I went to see a house designed by Gaudi (famous for his buidlings in Barcelona) that looked like a gingerbread house. Again I have a photo but... And then on to the supermercado where amongst my haul I bought a bottle of Temparnillo wine for €1.02, about 70p. Back home I had a late and lazy lunch of my cheese and bread and of course the wine after which it was time for a snooze - I could get used to this.

Just so you don't get too jealous I should tell you that last night it rained and I was chilly in bed!

So I've had two nights here in Comillas and this morning after brekkie (opened the blackberry jam which was lovely thanks Sam) I've packed up. I'm going to visit a couple of places today, including a village called Bustamante (which was the name of one of the dancers in Cuba, and I always wondered where such an odd name came from)then I'm driving into the Picos de Europa, a mountain range that is one of the National Parks. All that should test Jane and Ducky out. Next update when I can next find an internet cafe or a wireless broadband connection!

best thing I brought with me - the corkscrew

things I forgot - the camera cable, a barbeque

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