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African sunset

We are finally back home, having flown in the most efficient way possible - Johannesburg - Atlanta, Atlanta - Chicago. Only 21 hours in a plane. South African Airlines did their best to keep us entertained and fed, but the sleep deprivation and jet lag have taken a toll on that vacation feeling. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate to reflect once more on the adventure that we have just relished...

Our last night in Johannesburg we had a farewell dinner and each of us was called upon to talk about our most memorable moment on the trip. It was fascinating to hear 44 people offer 44 unique memories. This was journey that had something for everyone. Each day included a new experience, no small thing for a group of seasoned travelers. We especially appreciated the itinerary. By starting in Capetown, a very European cosmopolitan city, we had an introduction to Africa that made us feel comfortable immediately. Being at the very bottom of the continent was a thrill and the drive there went through magnificent scenery. As we worked our way northeast toward the national parks, the setting became more rural and and third world, but by then we were ready and relished the opportunity to really feel that we were somewhere totally unlike home. The rich and varied animal life, so unafraid of us, leading their lives in the natural way Mother Nature intended, provided a thrill that will probably keep me out of zoos from now. The South African people, so friendly and helpful to us in campgrounds, also shared a culture and traditions with us that were totally outside our realm of experience. The itinerary culminated in a posh hotel, listening to the roar of the biggest waterfall in the world.

Now we turn our attention to the 75 pounds of dirty laundry, 25 pounds of souvenirs, 8 hours of video, and 2500 photographs we have accumulated along the way. We also have many new friendships with our fellow RV'ers and hope that our paths will cross on the road again.

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