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Jul 22, 2006 by Amy Sabbadini
Re:  Horray

I must have sensed that you returned. To think, I finally took the time to log on and she where you were and low and behold you're back! Welcome home!
Jul 21, 2006 by Siobhan Rich
Re:  Happy Homecoming

It has been wonderful following your adventures here on your blog. Karl and I have been glad to see you're still having fun and enjoying your new adventures. We were so glad that we could be a small ...  (more...)
Jul 20, 2006 by Neil Waldron
Re:  Your Adventure

Truly amazing. I just caught up on most of your posts on the web site. Who would even know where to start in asking about your trip. The writings on India were pretty moving. Have a god flight back. - ...  (more...)
Jul 20, 2006 by Pat Shumway
Re:  Welcome Home!

What an AWESOME adventure! I want to thank you for allowing me to go with you via the internet. I traveled with you
to every city through your great photographs and stories.
I can't speak for all of ...  (more...)
Jul 15, 2006 by Risa Witham
Re:  welcome back bbq

Hey guys!

Okay- it looks like Saturday, August 12th is good for everyone that will actually respond to me (Couillard, you idiot). How does that sound to you guys?

By the way, if you need the ...  (more...)
Jul 13, 2006 by Mary Beth Sheaffer
Re:  Good Gawd Chelsey!

Hi Mark and Mika,

That blue ice is beautiful and you guys are CRAZY!!! Every new picture I see puts me on the edge of my seat. I guess the fact that I'm viewing the photos means you survived those ...  (more...)
Jun 20, 2006 by Risa Witham
Re:  your homecoming

We are all so excited that you are coming home soon! Although you might not be so keen on coming back to reality, we've all missed you guys! Andrew and I would like to have a welcome back BBQ for you ...  (more...)
Jun 20, 2006 by javier gonzalez
Re:  hi

Hi Guys
Things are going great. I got your message, that sounds great. It would be nice having you guys here. I just need to buy a bigger bed, so we all can fit in the bed. I got middle!
Take care
...  (more...)
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