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May 6, 2005 by Clint blay
Re:  your trip

Hey guys

Have been reading about your travels with a great deal of envy. Shame we couldnt have made it to vegas with you.

The photos look great too, and I will have to have a look at the rest when ...  (more...)
May 1, 2005 by Kathy Bunce
Re:  New York

Hey Suzie and Tim - great to hear from you - thanks for making me part of New York. What a great city! I have found Marty and Bonnie's contact details. I also found out that they are 62 and 67 ...  (more...)
Apr 13, 2005 by Beth & Kent Harvey
Re:  Travellers Bray

Hi guys
We have just had a wander through your website and it is fantastic - great photos and even better descriptions...you are both terrific storytellers! We have just returned from a short break ...  (more...)
Apr 5, 2005 by Helen & Rob Maxwell
Re:  planes & trains & automobiles!

Great trip. Just a note to say "Happy Wedding Anniversary"
Keep up with all the photos and gossip.

Helen & Rob.
Mar 27, 2005 by Frankie Bunce( neice)
Re:  hi

dear aunty Suzie and Uncle Tim,
Hows things hangin, is it fun I was just wandering if you were going to NewYork or not? If yes can tou please have a look at all the big movie places and stuff .

Talk ...  (more...)
Mar 25, 2005 by Cam Mccoll
Re:  I'm finally here

Hey guys. Sounds like you're having a blast. Finally made on to this very cool website. I feel like I've taken the journey with you. I will give you the goss in an email soon. Rock on. Cam
Mar 23, 2005 by michelle&ben&niamh staindergast!!!!!!!!!
Re:  g'day from the exhausting great ocean road!!!!!

hey guys so good to finally be able to find your adventure site you have no idea how hard we tried to locate you...but to cut a long story short we have and we've had a ball strolling through your ...  (more...)
Mar 21, 2005 by Michael Maxwell
Re:  Just stuff

Hi guys, great site.

Would like to say that I came across it after a late night searching the internet for keywords like "cheap travel" & "decadence" & "hot babes", but actually Dad put me onto it.
...  (more...)
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