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Feb 26, 2006 by Peter Murray
Re:  Word up

Nice finish. Day 365 complete. At last...
Feb 9, 2006 by Adrian Martin Sanchez Seoane
Re:  Hi!!!

Anna I was next to you in the bus from Bariloche to Esquel. I have been looking your website and the trip that you and Danny are doing is amazing, as well as the photos!!!. Hope you enjoy the rest of ...  (more...)
Feb 2, 2006 by Nan and Grandad Maddiss
Re:  Hallo you two !

What marvellous scenery ! Jesse says looks a pretty place to go with the caravan ! It certainly looks very special,something you will never forget. Last month of your adventure, but there will be lots ...  (more...)
Feb 1, 2006 by gupta gupta
Re:  yeh off back now ya bastards

we are going home now, that best view in the wiorld looks sublime. take care guys later.
Jan 16, 2006 by John Maddison
Re:  your trip

I have followed you both with great interest since you brightened up my whole families lives with your wonderfull company in Australia. At the speed we are going we may have email by xmas.We will ...  (more...)
Jan 1, 2006 by Nan and Grandad Maddiss
Re:  Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to both of you. Hope this year is as good as the last. Hope you are both well now,take Nan's advice - drink beer not water. We had a great Christmas in Weymouth,it snowed in Coates but ...  (more...)
Dec 31, 2005 by laura lovell
Re:  new baby

Hello there,

sorry not been in touch earlier but only just got internet sorted at home after going on maternity leave, and things have been a bit hectic since then! I had a little boy on the 18th ...  (more...)
Dec 24, 2005 by Trish Glazier
Re:  A very happy Christmas to you both

Have a wonderful Christmas - and thank you for letting me share your adventures! I really feel as if I've been there with you XX
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