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8 Mar 2012 by Daryl Chipman

Hi Tom, just checking in. We are headed back to Brandon on Saturday for a week with Calian. Weather has been off and on in Manitoba, but am looking forward to a little work. I have been taking guitar ...  (more...)
28 Jan 2012 by Clint McGregor
Re:  Your Journey

Haven't forgotten you two. Still follow you every day. Your latest is fasinating, beautiful beaches. Nice bar. My way of living. Your right on when you say that you will never forget this trip. Not ...  (more...)
26 Jan 2012 by Adena Earl
Re:  your journal

Fascinating journal entries and photos Tom. I especially enjoyed the part about the Mennonites in Belize. I have Mennonite background on both my parent's sides of the family. My parents speak the low ...  (more...)
5 Jan 2012 by Clint McGregor
Re:  Bird Watching

Hi. Just got up to date with your blog. Would like to see the picture of the straw hat and checkered shirt. Do you realize that when your looking at those birds they are looking back at you and ...  (more...)
24 Dec 2011 by Clint and Sheelagh McGregor

Presuming your still in Bacalar at Jim and Polly's beautiful waterfront home, and your last blog is dated 21 Dec. It is now 24 Dec Christmas Eve in the land of the snow and cold. Although Spruce Grove ...  (more...)
10 Dec 2011 by Clint McGregor
Re:  Your Latest Adventures

Hi you two, just to let you know I look you up every night, to see what your doing. Have enjoyed your trip and your photos. Sheelagh and I are doing just fine here in Yuma. However, getting ready to ...  (more...)