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19 Oct 2011 by Michael Ramm
Re:  Sexy photos

Finally, at Banora Point, on your balcony, you took some sexy photos.

One of the back pack, with a lose stap and exposed pocket, buckles open, on a deck chair, would have made my day.

17 Oct 2011 by Glenn & Donnie Halter
Re:  Welcome Home!

Hope you're all settled in by now and recovering from your lengthy trip. We had an uneventful trip home. Our dog Pal was very glad to see us. Leaving tomorrow morning for a short trip to Iowa (western ...  (more...)
12 Oct 2011 by Peter Schelvis
Re:  Hi There

Have just arrived from UK and Scotland and Leigh has finally made it and joined me on the Journey back to Le Petit Breuil, he will be flying back to Leeds on Saturday night from Nantes. In fact he ...  (more...)
11 Oct 2011 by Michael Ramm
Re:  Looking the wrong way

Herman, re photo 6, second log entry for 10 Oct; you were looking the wrong way!

Anyway the weather looks great, and according to the clock in the second to last photo, you still had a lot of the day ...  (more...)
11 Oct 2011 by Michael Ramm
Re:  Sky drink prices

$19.00 for two drinks. Even the Twins Towns Club is cheaper!

And, Judy, with photo 12 you have finally grasped the idea of interesting photography. Once you have progressed to telephoto lense use and ...  (more...)
8 Oct 2011 by Michael Ramm
Re:  A, B and C

Dear Herman and Judy

Herman, I note the emphasis on 'amore', however if the best Judy can do is take a photo of the top your 'bald' head, I suggest you get some more 'credits' for a bar somewhere as ...  (more...)
6 Oct 2011 by Michael Ramm
Re:  Tunisian Tour


Re the tour guide's "performance": a lot of married blokes I know would have assimilated quite well - just like home.

Soon time to fit everthing back into a bag and find a plane that works to ...  (more...)
5 Oct 2011 by Michael Ramm
Re:  The "Returning".

Dear Herman and Judy

We will be at the restaurant, however it seems that you may have eaten enough for several seasons by the time you return.

Judy, you will soon be able to enjoy fresh air and ...  (more...)
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