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Sep 12, 2010 by Billie Fisher
Re:  Bulgaria!

You sound tired Rich, it's time to return to the nest. Just some little thing that's very Bulgarian, and inexpensive (I'll gladly reimburse you.)
Will be anxious to get together after you're home and ...  (more...)
Sep 12, 2010 by Sharyn Earl
Re:  Miss you

Hi Rich,

I've enjoyed reading all of your travel stories and seeing the accompanying photos. I miss you and look forward to having you home again!
Sep 11, 2010 by Billie Fisher
Re:  Bulgaria!

Oh my Goddess, this is so much more interesting and beautiful than I thought it would be. My sister and I will definitely have to go now, thanks to your pics and narratives Rich, it's vicarious ...  (more...)
Sep 11, 2010 by Steve Ip
Re:  Great Travel Blog!

Hi Richie!

What a great adeventure! Your writing is spot on! I feel as if I'm living through what you're experiencing. Great job! Um abraco grande! Steve
Sep 6, 2010 by bob earl
Re:  portugal

hi redge! portugal sounds wonderful, other than the heat. The skies are so so clear and blue and you get a sense of heat radiating from them. Here?
It's fall again, and maybe just a couple of those ...  (more...)
Sep 4, 2010 by Yoko Yanari
Re:  Bulgaria

Ola Amigo: I'll bet every word now ends in "sh" after your stay in Portugal. Obrigado for including me on your trip journal list! Love it! I figure if we can't "Fika" in Seattle, then I can at least ...  (more...)
Sep 3, 2010 by Trisha Mitchell
Re:  profile pic

Hi Rich!

Wanted to send a message earlier, but getting crushed at work. Looks like you're having fun! Love the profile pic!