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Jul 10, 2005 by Tammy Yakemchuk
Re:  lucky!

HI guys!! bad luck I see but lucky in a way, just think how long you have been gone and you only had one run with bad luck!!!
Looks beautiful in Italy!!! WOW!!
take Care
Jun 11, 2005 by Jody Zenko
Re:  hi

Your mom and dad and Joanne and Curt are here for supper and we are checking out your travels. You look so good. Have fun. We are now off to take care of a couple of bottles, or more, of wine.
Jun 6, 2005 by Mark P
Re:  Italy

Italy looks amazing. What an adventure!
Apr 6, 2005 by Joey Angeles
Re:  Vietnam!! WHATS UP GUYS!!!!

Hey Guys!!!
Finally Vietnam!!!
You guys must be the tallest people there!!!
How the Pho'/ coffee/ the subs?? have some for me guys!!!
Hope the locals dont bother you as much as they did to you in ...  (more...)
Apr 3, 2005 by Jim Campbell
Re:  greetings`

Here we stand tonite in front of the computer enjoying all your pictures and articles. It's obvious that the 2 of you are enjoying your adventures. Keep on sending the great pictures. Gladys ...  (more...)
Mar 20, 2005 by Sky & Suzy
Re:  Your Trip

Mar 10, 2005 by Cousin Charmaine Rusnak
Re:  Australia

GOOD LORD!!! Crocs, spiders that would take your first born, attack of the jellyfish, plants that literally attack you, crazy aussie hippies and did I mention the heat....glad we are enjoying this ...  (more...)
Feb 27, 2005 by Tammy Yakemchuk
Re:  hot sun!!!!

Hi guys!!! Looks like you are having a blast!!! We wish we were there. Sledging??? Janet you are very brave!!!! Good for you!
Thanks for the Mickey card, the boys were thrilled?? Are you guys staying ...  (more...)
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