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Jul 13, 2010 by Berni K
Re:  home

So glad you gals had a safe trip! Thank you for sharing all of your travel adventures ♥ Looking forward to following right along with you on your journey - moving back home ♥ Congratulations again ♥
Jul 8, 2010 by janis lavoie
Re:  home

Sounds like you are having a fun time. Off to Lloyd today to do some things. Go back to weight in at 5. Then home to make supper. Off to Wainright tomorrow to get some work done on dads truck.Have a ...  (more...)
Jul 7, 2010 by Brandon Sharp
Re:  To you both

Congratulations to you both! I just now figured out you can leave a message on this thing. Better late than never? :P Have a safe trip back!
Jul 6, 2010 by janis lavoie
Re:  safe trip

Have a good night. Lots of fun tommorrow.

Love Yu

Jun 18, 2010 by Dean Oh
Re:  howdy

Hey there, glad to see you made it to Toon Town! Just a note that my 58 Wagon still does not have seats back from the upholster so I'm sorry to say that it won't be available for the wedding. Unless ...  (more...)
Jun 15, 2010 by Berni K
Re:  arriving to S'toon

So happy to hear that you gals had a safe trip ♥ Welcome back ♥ Enjoy all the last minute excitement of it all ♥ Pinch yourselves on the big day - savour every smile, and enjoy each moment - it goes ...  (more...)
Jun 14, 2010 by wilma mason
Re:  my two girls !

well my two special girls .
glad your trip has kept you safe .you sure are putting on the miles !!
can't wait till you get here safe and sound .then comes the buziest week for the two of you ...  (more...)
Jun 13, 2010 by Donna Matthiesen
Re:  trip

not recieving your updates hmmmmm
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