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May 30, 2010 by Ioene Davidson
Re:  Cabbages!

I am just catching up on your travels off FB! I love the cabbage statue and wonder what on earth it is there for? Very clever catching an old van with a mural/bumper on it too!
Apr 30, 2010 by mum Booth
Re:  orangutans

Cute pictures. Not sure I would want to cross that rickety bridge to your rooms!! Dad says he would rather stay in the rooms than cross that bridge!!
Apr 20, 2010 by Melody Grandma Hunter
Re:  Bali

Yes we agree! Please take care. We all still love you. Love Gran
Apr 20, 2010 by Ioene Davidson
Re:  Bali

Sorry to hear it was a grungy place. Glad no-one hurt you. I can't imagine a lone female being safe.
Apr 9, 2010 by Jackie Ngu
Re:  Hello

Wow you seem to be having a great time. I was in Wakefield and Rebecca told me about your travels. Well I dont think I need to tell you to enjoy yourself as I can see you are already doing so, but be ...  (more...)
Apr 2, 2010 by Ioene Davidson
Re:  Easter

Best wishes for Easter...I hope you find a nice church to celebrate in!!
Mar 31, 2010 by IOENE Davidson
Re:  Journal photos

I am now up to date with your journal. Your photography skills are amazing! You have some frameable (if that's a word?!) pictures.
I shall miss you once again in the UK. <3
Mar 27, 2010 by mum Booth
Re:  Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo reminds me of Lake Louise and Malign Lake in Canada which are also very beautiful. Glad you included the local 'residents' of New Zealand in your photos!!!!
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