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Oct 10, 2005 by Phil Starling
Re:  Come on the Vikings !

Well they have qualified (never any doubt really) and we have tickets to see them up until the quarter finals, assuming they make it that far of course.

Mon, how do I set about getting Norwegian ...  (more...)
Sep 1, 2005 by Phillip Starling
Re:  World Cup 2006

Just to confirm that I have now booked two tickets for the world cup.

We are to be Vikings for the tournament (assumes they qualify of course).

I have got TST5 tickets which means that we get to ...  (more...)
Aug 10, 2005 by mrs minky
Re:  Pictures!

Thanks guys! Pictures are fantastic!! - very impressed with the "Mighty Condor" its like reading a copy of National Geographic! Keep having fun both xx
Aug 6, 2005 by Matt FOSTER

Nick and Monica,

Having real trouble booking the easter Island leg of my trip, can you do me a favour and confirm the flight number you are on and if it flies from Santirgo. Apart from this I am all ...  (more...)
Jul 26, 2005 by barbara soltesz
Re:  hi guys,

i am not sure if you have received my previous email or not? Anyways, nice to read that u finally made it trugh Puno and after to Bolivia. Opened up the thing I have carried with me, it looks really ...  (more...)
Jul 22, 2005 by Mrs Minky
Re:  Just to say hi x

Hi guys - Hope you are both OK? - Sounds like you're having a wonderful time out there, you've seen so much! Can we have more pictures please? They brighten up my dull days at work when I log on to ...  (more...)
Jul 19, 2005 by Sponge Sausage
Re:  Sponge and Sausage

Me thinks Minky has nicked some new branding pub name which we have copyrighted and will be seeking appropriate compensation or twelvty pints of kronenburg every Friday for the foreseeable future. ...  (more...)
Jul 2, 2005 by Phil Starling
Re:  Nonsense.......

New pub just opened in Watford called the 'Sponge and Sausage'....excellent !
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