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30 May 2009 by Neil and Tania Gollschewski
Re:  mona lisa

love the photo of vicki and the mona lisa, tania is jealous.
29 May 2009 by Jacquie Darley
Re:  your awesome trip of course!

Love keeping pace of where u r up to. Great photos and info ..... and also loved seeing the Paris photos and that 'I've been there' feeling. We're getting them itchy feet.

Look forward to catching up ...  (more...)
19 May 2009 by Neil Scherer
Re:  The Trip

Hey Guys have been watching your progress and looks like you're having heaps of fun, look forward to having a drink with you's on your return. Have just returned from Adelaide on the bike. Take Care.
10 May 2009 by Thelma Stacey
Re:  your trip

Have a good time and come home safe. I love you! Seen all the photos and look like your having a good time. Amanda's taking good care of me. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
28 Apr 2009 by Sophie Liu
Re:  A late blessing

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER, it is a lated wish that hope you don't mind.
Enjoy your life with Vicki in the trip.
25 Apr 2009 by Ryan Scherer
Re:  http://www.mytripjournal.com/travel-434615

Hi mum and dad. Hope your well. I hear brisbane is looking to start up free buses to the city before 7AM to remove some of the congestion; at a cost of 9 million a year I might add. Free transport ...  (more...)
20 Apr 2009 by Jacquie Darley

Unless my trusty Blackberry is mistaken --- I believe you are having --- TODAY for you (and yesterday for us) ..... a birthday ..... in an exotic part of the world where many of us would love to be ...  (more...)
19 Apr 2009 by Amanda Scherer
Re:  18 April

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Hope you had an interesting day in Bar (i believe you would have been)
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