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May 21, 2009 by Izzy Kane
Re:  Hello

Hi family, Sasha's birthday today so Paul brought us a whole cooked roast chicken. So spoilt and so full now and there's some left over for us tomorrow. Hope you are all having an enjoyable time. ...  (more...)
Apr 22, 2009 by Justine Crawford
Re:  UK

I hope you got my text message with Jean & Marie's phone number 0208-9774622. I guess that means you might be catching up with the UK Whanau. Say a big hi to Blancs, Caro, Emma etc from us. The ...  (more...)
Apr 20, 2009 by Becs Nevill
Re:  Trip

Hey guys, what an amazing time you're all having.... Hope the English weather warmed up a bit for you, if not all the better to enjoy those nice cosy pubs along the way. We just had a week down south. ...  (more...)
Apr 11, 2009 by Dad and Mum Cotter
Re:  Welcome to Bangkok

Hi Paula and ALL....(One day I will have to tell the story of how they chose the King of Bangkok!!!!)...Welcome to Bangkok and yes I suppose it was a little like going back home...Great that you went ...  (more...)
Apr 4, 2009 by Izzy (The Dog)
Re:  Hello

Hi Paula, Ross, Jess, Annelise and Jackson.
It's Izzy here. While you are on holiday overseas, I am having a wonderful holiday here at Paul's. Sasha is heaps of fun (we play all day... and all night) ...  (more...)
Mar 30, 2009 by Dad Cotter
Re:  Bon Voyage

God Bless....God Speed.... and Have a great time
Mar 25, 2009 by BRIAN COTTER
Re:  Bon Voyage

Hi All
Love the Journal and the messages you are receiving already.....Jessie....hope you find the "Mama Mia" island....Don't push too hard on the stones at Stonehenge Annalise....May ...  (more...)
Mar 24, 2009 by Kris Maddren
Re:  Bon Voyage!!!!

Have a blast and enjoy every minute and every experience. Keep the blog entries uptodate it is so much fun to read back on when you are home.
love from the Maddrens
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