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Dec 15, 2008 by Barb Conner
Re:  Cold

Well you are flying home today and may be here already. I hope you remember that warmth you just left. It's a long way away from us right now.
I'm leaving for the south on Friday and I can't ...  (more...)
Dec 9, 2008 by Helen Naleid
Re:  Sounds like you are having fun!

Your cruise sounds like it's fun and relaxing. The ship looks like so many others including the multicultural employees. I enjoyed the elevator ride. No doubt you've heard the Illinois news today. Our ...  (more...)
Dec 5, 2008 by Barb Conner
Re:  Cruising

Martha - Well you know how cold it is so really enjoy that cruise - by the way - you'll be missing 8th grade testing tomorrow! Just a reminder of your past life!