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May 14, 2009 by Rhonda Steed
Re:  Registry results

It sure sounds like you guys are having a blast. I hope the fun continues.
I just wanted to let you know that 2 of your girls passed the registry yesterday. Vicki and I took it and much to ...  (more...)
Nov 28, 2008 by Corinne Liddycoat
Re:  No News from Burlington.....

Hi Joanna and Corky it sounds as though you have fit right in with the R.V ing crowd of retirees ! your pictures are amazing I have enjoyed them, the dessert must be very interesting and so foreign to ...  (more...)
Nov 13, 2008 by Laura Kippes
Re:  Hi

I've never been out west, so I'm learning so much from you. Roseanna said you asked about me. I'm doing great. The radiation burns are pretty much gone, so I can wear a bra for the first time in a ...  (more...)
Nov 9, 2008 by Lynn Sheckler
Re:  Here at home............

Hi, guys! Sounds like you are still enjoying the trip and all of the sights. We are really enjoying getting the emails and looking at the photos. Johanna, need a favor, please. Please send me a list, ...  (more...)
Nov 1, 2008 by Julia Storm
Re:  Sedona

I love Sedona! Great photos of the beautiful area. Hope you all have some more great hikes there, and eat at some of the many good restaurants. Enjoy! Go by the Forest Service office to ask about ...  (more...)
Oct 24, 2008 by Tanya Shields
Re:  chit-chat

Your pictures are gorgeous. I saw your Las Vegas pictures and it reminded me of my second home. I don't know if you remember me telling you how I got sick or had allergies there while on my spring ...  (more...)
Oct 23, 2008 by Darla Um'matallah
Re:  Were your ears burning today?

Oct 7, 2008 by darla ummatallah
Re:  oh give me a home

It's been a few days since you've posted in your journal girly.
What's up??? Are you and Corky roaming.
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