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Feb 25, 2005 by Tim Sills
Re:  Travels

See you are having a great time while the rest of us freeze and shiver !! Good luck for the rest of the trip.
Feb 15, 2005 by Luke Paterson
Re:  That FLOCKING ridiculous jump you did...

Hi Mate,

I know you've been away a while now, so apologies for this being my first message! But I had to just send you a message to say - "What the ducking duck were you thinking throwing yourself ...  (more...)
Jan 24, 2005 by Louise Barker
Re:  Birthday Boy

Hope you have a very happy bonza birthday! Couldn't send your prezzie in the post to you as it was too big and expensive (ha ha!). Have a beer (or two) to celebrate being another yesar older (and ...  (more...)
Jan 23, 2005 by Marylyn McCluskey
Re:  Happy Birthday

Hope you have a good birthday and are enjoying your trip. Have a few amber nectars and think of us in the snow.....Marylyn, Dennis and Neil
Jan 23, 2005 by Violet Richardson (Nan)
Re:  Happy Birthday

Hello Paul

Have a very happy birthday and have a lovely day. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Nan
Jan 14, 2005 by Mick Dundee Eves
Re:  G'day cobber

I can't believe you have a picture of Harold Bishop in a leather jacket !!

And when you were surfing, where was the surf ?

Keep up the good work, say hello to all my cousins, sisters, brothers etc ...  (more...)
Dec 29, 2004 by Stephanie Mitchelson
Re:  Your Journey so far

Thanks for keping us entertained with your pictures and 'quips' on your journey. Looks fantastic and souns like you having a fab time. Thank God you went to Australia when you did and missed that ...  (more...)
Dec 29, 2004 by suja lane
Re:  happy xmas

Hi Paul

Hope you had a good xmas. Sounds like you are having a great time!!!
Did you get to have a christmas dinner down on the beach? or was it shrimps on the barbie???

Look forward to reading ...  (more...)
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