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Jan 6, 2008 by don weeks
Re:  tripjournal

Sounds like Things are going well. been checking every Morning.have fun
Jan 5, 2008 by John Sulentich
Re:  Hello

What a great idea we can follow your progress and get increaingly jelouse. Drive safe becareful and have a good time. ps have you figured out your milage at all...John
Jan 5, 2008 by Wayne Harvey
Re:  trip journal

Hi! We are with you, remembering the great 1987 HALLEY'S comet expedition. Yuma was the absolute pits. I had never seen such a waste of water, sucking the Gila River dry to grow spinach and golf ...  (more...)
Dec 29, 2007 by Lorna Fleeman
Re:  Chyuck and Jan trip 2008

Hi there. Can't bring up your itinary. Are you coming south again this year. Would like to see you again if you are. Corney says Black powder gun is all sighted in, and hospital is waiting.
Dec 29, 2007 by Art Letts
Re:  Idaho Falls

Hi Chas

Just was watching the weather channel and saw they had a big red Blizzard Warning on the screen in that area so y'all take care now, ya hear.

Dec 28, 2007 by Harriet Stone
Re:  Your trip

I hope you and Jan have a great time. This is szuch a good idea. I am looking forward to tracking your journey.