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Apr 11, 2005 by alan clarkey
Re:  mud and sh!te

mate, knee deep in sh1te in a stinking envioronment with a bleak outlook under a dark overcast sky! travelled to the other side of the world to feel just like your at work??!!
Feb 15, 2005 by alan moll ( mollie )
Re:  hi there

hi stu,
thanx for your journal and it`s updates, your graffic accounts are not endearing jan with my thoughts of undertaking the same type of trip,but we will see !!. keep away from the mud packs ? ...  (more...)
Nov 29, 2004 by Chris Mears
Re:  Excellent

Hi Stu,
Excellent site, it brings a bit of sunshine into the London winter - especially as I am stuck in a basement all day. Give Em a big hug from me and I wish I was on the truck with you guys! ...  (more...)
Nov 22, 2004 by clay mc farlane
Re:  mel

hey guys hope its all going well, could you let mel know that the really big chic on australian idol won!!!! mels an idol addict!!!!!
Nov 21, 2004 by christopher rowley
Re:  Happy cal the driversbeer drinking buddy

excellent web page i will be following it with interest to see how truck africa is comming allong say g'day to chris (happy cal /C2)

jughead/ C1
Nov 11, 2004 by Livvy (Emily's neice) Howie
Re:  Excellent journal - loving the photos

Hi - i'm lucky enough (!) to be one of Emily's neices and heard about the website 2day. Is great to know what u guys are up 2 (although sometimes its a little 2 much information) - i think its fab. ...  (more...)
Nov 11, 2004 by Renate Warnecke
Re:  hi Stu

it's great, that those who couldn't go, are able to follow your trip. I am a friend of Joe and he gave me the adress of your website. Enjoy the trip, stay healthy, be careful and tell Joe I said hi.
Nov 9, 2004 by Jo Newman
Re:  Your photos and other stuff

Hi Stuart,

Your website is fab. The photos and dialogue are SO funny and really brilliant as Emily.... your fab driver... is my sis. We miss her alot.. so it's good to see her working hard and ...  (more...)
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