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Jan 17, 2011 by Jim Ragan
Re:  Your continued awesome trip

Good going you two. I don't want to show you up but we went to Seattle last week. Yeah, eat your heart out. Hey, do you need anyone to carry your luggage?
Jan 16, 2011 by Heather & Jim on "Meerkat"
Re:  Europe

WOW! Finally had a chance to get caught up on your Europe travels! Way cool :) Love it all. Wish I would have connected you with my sort of bro-in-law who lives in Amsterdam. The red light district ...  (more...)
Dec 19, 2010 by bryna Cohen
Re:  Cinque terre

What !no mention of your visit to Cinque Terre???! Why?
Wishing you both a very merry Xmas and Happy new year, wherever life brings you to date.
Nov 19, 2010 by bryna Cohen
Re:  Paris

I have read the paris entry. i was so happy to hear from you and Mike. I thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Paris. When i was 20 i studied art there for 2 months and I must say it was ...  (more...)
Apr 20, 2010 by Bill Miller
Re:  So!

Quite the adventure you've got going right now. First a freak super cell then possible anaphylaxis. Well it sounds like you have things under control.
As for our trip to the USVI/BVI for Cindy's 50th ...  (more...)
Apr 18, 2010 by Heather & Jim on "Meerkat"
Re:  Copper Canyon

That is so awesome you were able to do that trip! We just never seemed to have the time to do it. Hopefully someday! Love your pics Lisa :)
Apr 2, 2010 by Nancy Schneider
Re:  Your adventures

Lise and Mike I just started reading a portion of your journal.
I find it facinating and your experiences are unbelievable! I hope to read more.................Nance
Apr 1, 2010 by harold edwards
Re:  lisa &mike

wow you two!! looks like fun and lisa looks the same as the day i met her you two be careful in mexico i live in new mexico and am only 60 miles from warez to dangerous for me had my share of thrill ...  (more...)
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