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Mar 8, 2010 by Beth Smith
Re:  Itasca State Park, MN

I saw your post on RV.Net about Itasca State Park and followed your link to your trip journal. We have reservations for site 66 at Itasca in June. I'm glad to know we won't have any trouble fitting in ...  (more...)
Aug 2, 2009 by larry&loretta bremer
Re:  2008 trip

we really enjoyed the trip,just like we were there. the pics were great,thanks for taking the time to do that. we spend the day with you. sunday 8-2-2009 god bless you both. larry
Mar 8, 2009 by Judi Phillips-Hall
Re:  trips

Hi..You were within about 8 miles of us last summer. My grandmother was Amish, so the pictures and story was very interesting. We go down to "Amish" country several times a year and enjoy it ...  (more...)
Jul 24, 2008 by Juli Neumann
Re:  your trip

i didn't see the "Mother-ship" with a gator on it's tail on the road. And, i looked really hard. =) looks like you came real close to Fargo, ND. We were in Fargo the 14th and 15th of July.
Have a ...  (more...)
Jul 10, 2008 by Vickie Hall
Re:  Your Trip

Doris, I loved you plowing the corn field. This is such a great way to share your trip with everyone. Keep having a blast!!
Jul 2, 2008 by Linda Black
Re:  Missing you guys

I went back to work this week, and it sure seemed lonely without my pal there to have coffee with. Everyone misses you John. We all hope you are having the time of your life!!

Jul 2, 2008 by Scott Phillips
Re:  your trip

I can't help but notice that John is taking pictures while Doris is driving the tractor. What a creative idea! I'm not sure Judy would agree, but finding odd jobs for ones wife to enhance the ...  (more...)
Jun 25, 2008 by Joseph Donovan
Re:  Pictures

I am really enjoying your pictures and narrative of your
trip. Please keep them coming. I am about to start teaching
Mon. for term B.

Joe Donovan
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