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May 29, 2009 by Lindsey Read
Re:  Best journal~

Lucky!!!! how'd you manage to get in that club?
Apr 19, 2009 by Kelly Richards

Hi, Kelly from Whistler here. Mojo, our 14 1/2 year old Eskimo and I would like to wish Whiskey a happy 13th birthday. Mojo wants you to know that dogs do better when they travel in RV's, play on ...  (more...)
Apr 13, 2009 by Trent & Teresa Shipley
Re:  Happy Easter - Kevin, Ruth, and Whiskey !!

We would like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into your journal. It really helps those of us who are still in the dreaming stage. Thank you also for your willingness to share your ...  (more...)
Mar 11, 2009 by Elaine and Cory Lawton
Re:  your BEST journal

Well, once again you guys have given us something to aspire to. Having our journal become one of the best. Congratulations on achieving that status. Still sounds like you guys are having lots and lots ...  (more...)
Mar 10, 2009 by Brenda Gale Thompson
Re:  Site

Very Cool! Brenda Lois told me about your travels. Sounds very doable.

Bless you both!
Mar 10, 2009 by Chris & Anne Hazlewood
Re:  Congrats

500 nites.....another milestone....congrats guys, keep it up, we are so jealous.....our time will come....happy trails and stay safe
Mar 9, 2009 by Gisele Gagnon
Re:  Your trip in Mexico

Just a brief message to say to you how your Trip Journal is interesting. It's well written and information is very relevant. We plan a trip to Baja at the end of the year, for 6 months, and surely ...  (more...)
Dec 31, 2008 by Chris & Anne Hazlewood
Re:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi Guys
Looks like things are going well on your continued adventure....(we are so jealous)....Like Wiskey our dogs also had tic issues in Mexico despite the meds we got in Canada before ...  (more...)
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