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Mar 5, 2008 by karen sheppard
Re:  hello

Hi Guys, I really think its time you got yorselves a proper job now. enough of all this making us green with envy at your latest escapades whilst we are all still here plugging away!! Sounds like you ...  (more...)
Feb 25, 2008 by pen stanley
Re:  rainy old england!

Hi guys havent spoken to you for a while..,my email is still over the place since changing provider so have to get them remotely and it takes ages. I havent done it for a couple of weeks and just ...  (more...)
Feb 13, 2008 by richard simms
Re:  Back home

Hello guys, well we're back in blighty and what a come down. It was great to see you both and I hope you had a fun time in Langkawi. Did you hire a car on the thursday and go to the cable car and ...  (more...)
Feb 6, 2008 by dad, mum and pen chivers
Re:  here we are again

Hi Lucy and Steve

Just revisiting your blog whilst having lunch at Penny's looking out on a sunny day for a change. Mum is busy with the paint brush helping to get things done. Everytime we look at ...  (more...)
Feb 1, 2008 by pen, matt, mum, dad and the little stanleys stanley
Re:  v. jealous

very very jealous of your travels all looks so relaxed and gorgeous. could do with a massage in the sun at the moment as builders have finally gone today and have spent day with mum and dorothy ...  (more...)
Feb 1, 2008 by Dad Simms
Re:  Bali

Just looked at pictures, what an amazing place!!!!!!!! You both still look great and are enjoying every minute, why not? Thanks for the itinary, the day after we received it we had a letter from Ken ...  (more...)
Jan 31, 2008 by richard simms
Re:  langkawi

hi guys, got your message about meeting up in langkawi, sounds great and we're looking forward to seeing you both. We're staying at the Westin Hotel, so either call us when you get in or just pop ...  (more...)
Jan 30, 2008 by Hollie Youde
Re:  Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at last you have caught a fish after your many attemps
and by the way just because you can get a pint for under a quid doesn't mean you have to buy one
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