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Apr 29, 2007 by Laine Fraser
Re:  All of it!!!!

Dear Anne and Tashie

Have thoroughly enjoyed your diary and you made me cry when reading about visiting the graves of your relatives.Anzac Day at school was very well organised by Verne and the piper ...  (more...)
Apr 25, 2007 by Sue Patey
Re:  What a fabulous trip

Hi intrepid travellers! What a brilliant idea! Your memories and experiences - shared by all. It all sounds wonderful and looks even better! Funny thing though, Anne, there seems to be no shortage of ...  (more...)
Apr 16, 2007 by Veronica Crane
Re:  Paris

Howdy! Looks like you are getting into it! Cafes are horrible in some parts - don't eat at the one in the Jardin de Luxembourg! Be sure to visit Gilbert Joseph book shop (the huge store 6 levels). ...  (more...)
Apr 9, 2007 by Laine Fraser
Re:  Your upcoming trip...

Dear Anne and Tash

I'm in and what a lovely surprise! Photos of the family and that beautiful dude Jack were very much enjoyed.

We never caught up on your travel itinerary, so pleased to read all ...  (more...)
Apr 9, 2007 by Jan Griffiths

Your site looks great have a wonderful time.
Apr 4, 2007 by Barbie P.
Re:  Your fantastic trip together, What fun!

Hi Anne, what a terrific idea this is....Love the website. Just testing it out, so am sending this message before you have even left school.
I wish you both the best time ever. I will see you tomorrow ...  (more...)
Apr 4, 2007 by Simone Martin
Re:  Your Trip Journal

What a great site - excellent idea to make us all jealous about the lovely things you are going to be doing - or more approriately, very happy for you!!!! Keep in touch every week at the least - you ...  (more...)