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Jul 8, 2007 by Dennis Werk
Re:  Fort Anne

Hi John, Brenda, Ron & Anne.
It sounds like you folks are enjoying the Canadian East Coast and great to see that Ron and Anne-Marie could join you.
It appears to me from the picture you posted of Fort ...  (more...)
Jul 1, 2007 by Don Towner
Re:  Boston Bruins

Hello there, just spent a couple of hours catching up with you two on line. You have been gone so long Laurie and I celebrated our 25th anniversery (Zihuatanejo, on the same beach as Tim Robbins at ...  (more...)
Jun 30, 2007 by Sheila Mann
Re:  Happy Canada Day you Two!

In celebration of your Canadian roots I believe you should find a small bar and order vinegar to go with your fries and a Caeser to chase them down. I'm confident they'll know exactly what you are ...  (more...)
Jun 28, 2007 by edie dickson
Re:  Your blog

I have to tell you you guys how much I enjoy reading about your journey and all the interesting people you have encountered! Throughly jealous of your adventures. Keep up the good work. ciao edie
Jun 20, 2007 by Kris Nordgren
Re:  Belated Father's Day

Dad...didn't forget about you...but just got back from a trip to the Island. We stayed in a 'rustic' cabin...which I know understand to mean "smells like pee"...but after a few days you stop noticing. ...  (more...)
Jun 20, 2007 by Julia Borghesi
Re:  Your Excellent Tour!

Well your excellent tour is definatley excellent all the places you've been look cool. Missing you. I had so much fun in berkhamsted with you guys. Have you got a page about that adventure??!!?
talk ...  (more...)
Jun 19, 2007 by Dorothy Jones
Re:  Your excellent journal

Hi John & Brenda, it's been great following your journey, I was able to read your travels by webmail while I was in the U.K. for 7 weeks. Your picture of Maybury Mill brought back many memories for ...  (more...)
Jun 17, 2007 by Marc Nordgren
Re:  Father's Day

Happy Father's day dad! I hope you have a great one. It's pooring rain here but that's perfect weather for our plans(going to Pirates at the big theatre) I'm getting the back of the house ready for a ...  (more...)
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