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Aug 10, 2008 by Margie DuBois
Re:  trip

Thanks so much for the enjoyment I received from reading your travel journal. Best wishes and God speed for your next trip.

A Tennessee reader.
Apr 25, 2008 by zhang hong
Re:  travel journal translation on America

Dear Author:

I come from beijing of China,and love to write traveljournals,at the same time like yo read good journals from abroad,today I surfed into your travel blog, and your story fascinated ...  (more...)
Apr 10, 2007 by Vikki Meisenger
Re:  You made it!

Glad you guys made it back! I heard you had a nice Easter with the family. Where are you going next?
Apr 7, 2007 by Hugh Brady
Re:  buy another House!

Hello K & M & welcome back. Glad the trip was good.

When I was reading your log, I misread the title of "Buy another blouse" & thought it read "Buy another house!" So I thought you'd gone into ...  (more...)
Mar 30, 2007 by Ingrid Modaresi
Re:  recent comment about not being on vacation

Unless you are waking up at 5:15 A.M every weekday, grabbing something to eat as you run out the door, serving humanity, and coming home to collapse at 6:00 P.M. to wonder how you have the energy to ...  (more...)
Mar 23, 2007 by Gene Tester
Re:  Love you blogg

Ken and Martha:

I have been following you trip. Your pictures and narrative haave been wonderful.

Sylvia and I did the Yucatan a few years ago and visited all the sites that you visited. We did it ...  (more...)
Mar 16, 2007 by Jeri Corrie
Re:  Trip

I am Jackie Morgan's sister in Idaho and traveled to Mexico last year with them. While we could not go this year I am so enjoying the trip log and pictures and everytime I look at them I am sorry I am ...  (more...)
Mar 13, 2007 by Gary Rogers
Re:  Fuel in Mexico

Do the people in your group that drive gas vehicles have any problem with finding unleaded gas? I had heard that was a real problem, and people had their catalytic converter removed before traveling ...  (more...)
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