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Apr 17, 2015 by colon gaskicw sr.
Re:  your book

just to let you know we can finally say we are leaving next year...wife retires 4/11/16 and we are going
to leave right after next year loopers meeting here in Norfolk, va.. I don't know if you ...  (more...)
Jan 31, 2014 by ernie saxton
Re:  your first book

I got your first book for xmas last yr and I loved the reading
and the places you and john have been to.
keep up the great job.

You two have a great time Enjoy

From Lil and Ernie Digging out again ...  (more...)
Jan 29, 2014 by Ernie Saxton
Re:  Looking for a good old Mechnic

Tell john when he is not relaxing that us old guys up here in Kirkfield aka Keswick north.
want to send him some snow for his Drink LOL say hi to him from Ernie
Aug 13, 2013 by John Malthouse
Re:  latest post

Hi Mel and John: love reading your stuff, I can relate. The days are passing by hear also and we wonder what to do. I did look into taking the money and running, to invest in south /latin America, but ...  (more...)
Mar 19, 2013 by Mel and Cathy Stewart/Beamish Starsinger
Re:  Birthday

Hoppy birdie, doo doo
Hoppy birdie, doo doo
Hoppy birdie, Hoppy birdie
Hoppy birdie, doo doo.

Any birdie you like. All the best.

Starsinger back in Isla Mujeres. Next jaunt southern coast of Cuba.
I ...  (more...)
Jan 31, 2013 by Mary Kinch
Re:  add a friend

Hi Mel
My friend Dianne would love to read your travel journal. I have told Di about your travels over the years. Di and David have been sailing for the past 2 years in the Caribbean and are ...  (more...)
Jan 30, 2013 by Susan Ferguson
Re:  Boat Show & 2nd book

I didnt know you were speaking at the BS or would have made sure I saw you.Bought the 2nd book.Good 4 you.We no longer have Lady Simcoe as she was dismasted last summer with a rig breakdown in hi ...  (more...)
Jan 21, 2013 by Bill Milne
Re:  Toronto boat show, Roatan, batteries

We met at the boat show booth and chatted about our planned trip too Roatan staying at the Infinity Bay Feb 18-Mar 3

We chose a new island every year to add to the 100+ countries visited in the ...  (more...)
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