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12 Dec 2006 by Douglas Lamond
Re:  your travels

As the rain falls even harder here and the wind blows at gale force what better to do than read about two lost souls wandering about aimlessly in a beautiful warm country, passing the time by ...  (more...)
27 Nov 2006 by Linda Grierson
Re:  Fish restraint

I was enjoying reading about your travels when I came apon an interesting entry where Sylvia noted her involvement in a 'fish restraint', following a bit of wine drinking. I take this as a sign that ...  (more...)
27 Nov 2006 by Joan Pennycook
Re:  great reading

Your site provides great reading - just managed to pass an hour - I guess I should do some work! Work - you know that thing you did to pass the time of day in Scotland. Glad Jeff can still get your ...  (more...)
13 Oct 2006 by sara mcbride
Re:  hello

hi sylvia how you doing?hope all is good&your having loads of fun!!! this site is so cool!how the hair?take care sara
12 Oct 2006 by Alasdair Warren
Re:  Travel Update

True Scots?!!!!! You have learned at last!

Not had a wash since leaving? Think you need to be more careful how you record things! Know what you mean but so misinterpretable (if that's a word). Camper ...  (more...)
8 Oct 2006 by Bob Condie
Re:  Backpacking mature teenagers

Been following your progress - finding it quite addictive - Lucky B*ggers