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Feb 28, 2007 by Ann Brabston
Re:  your website and trip to Estes Park,CO

Hi!I just found your site from Carol White's Road Trip newsletter.I read some of your journal entries.We are planning a family/summer trip to RockyMts./Estes Park.Any good suggestions on ...  (more...)
Feb 16, 2007 by Linda Dinsmore
Re:  COOL! :)

Denise (and family!,
How Cool! I looked up your domain name because I was curious about the email and here you are! What a neat year+ it must have been! I thought my family traveled a lot but not like ...  (more...)
Jan 27, 2007 by Sherry Gonzalez
Re:  homeschooling and fulltime RVing

Hi! We want to sell our home and buy a motorhome and become fulltime RVers. My husband's business let's him travel and we homeschool. My boys are 11 and 9. This is a scary decision. And we're not ...  (more...)
Sep 1, 2006 by John Mouhlas
Re:  ... the great American Voyage

Good Morning Whites ... I just wanted to wish you all a good day filled with many miles of safe driving, endless hours of joy with the kids; as well as, high hopes to see you all home again safely ...  (more...)
Aug 15, 2006 by Jerry Reed
Re:  web-site

nice website!!!!!. don't have time right now to look at all of it, but will come back to check it out.
Aug 15, 2006 by Christi Greer (Martin)
Re:  Enjoying your site

My dad just gave me the link. I didn't know you were doing this. The kids (Alex and Jarred)enjoyed looking at the pictures. Looks like everyone is doing well. Look forward to the next set of ...  (more...)