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Aug 21, 2006 by Diane Galaton
Re:  just to say "Hey"

Hi Guys!
Although I haven't sent a message in a while, I've been following your exploits. Can you believe that you're actually headed back East already? Where's the time gone? By the way, did you get ...  (more...)
Aug 14, 2006 by Carlie Adams
Re:  Wyoming

If you went through ten sleep and then Buffalo Wyoming you are now on the trek that we did last year. We stayed in Buffalo then drove through to Devil's tower on to Rapis City. Be sure to do Needles ...  (more...)
Aug 10, 2006 by Jo ANNE BUCCIARELLI

GOOOD MORNING Joanne and Bob, first and foremost, thank u so much for taking the time to meet with us in VC. It was great to meet both of you. Deb has told me so many wonderful things about u ...  (more...)
Aug 9, 2006 by deb sherman
Re:  wife#2

Hi,guys. you will never believe this but my new phone quit. So I am unreachable again. That has it's advantages though. Had a lovely aand talk-a-tive! day with your Mom and Dad. They seem fine and are ...  (more...)
Jul 30, 2006 by John and Jo Longo
Re:  Mountain driving

We enjoyed your pictures and commentary about driving on the narrow roads. John and I were in Italy a few years ago and we drove a rented Renault over the Amalfia Coast highway. It was beautiful, but ...  (more...)
Jul 28, 2006 by John Longo
Re:  Deb & Ray

We are Deb's parents and we understand you will be meeting with Deb and Ray on Sat. or Sun. in Vancouver - is that correct?
Jul 22, 2006 by carol hugill
Re:  hello

Hey guys - sorry it's been so long. We are enjoying your travel logs. We've been up to our eyeballs in alligators (and in Florida - that's REAL bad!) We're on our way north, but right now we're in ...  (more...)
Jul 14, 2006 by Joe Herrity
Re:  Everythings OK

It sounds like you two are still sane. Just letting you know that everything is ok with the house. The new tenents are great!!!. Just kidding. If you need us to do anything just let us know. Have fun ...  (more...)
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