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May 2, 2006 by Elaine Chesters
Re:  pics

Gosh did I laughed out loud! You said you were both in at health spa being pampered! What did they call your masseurs Olga and Gustav. Mud mud, glorious mud. Helen don't think that getting a squirt ...  (more...)
Mar 26, 2006 by Jon ( big bruv ) Chesters
Re:  at last i have learnt how to email

It was great to here from you both and to here of the places you have been. your web site just gets better each time we look at it, hope the rest of your travels are as good. take it easy and go ...  (more...)
Mar 24, 2006 by chris chesters
Re:  mar 7

are you sure you aren't in the welsh valleys- they look familiar!! but where are all the sheep? xx
Mar 17, 2006 by chris chesters
Re:  hol

hope you are both well and enjoying yourselves ,the weather has to be a lot better than what we are facing ...minus temperatures!! haven't heard from you for a while so dont know where you are . going ...  (more...)
Mar 2, 2006 by chris chesters
Re:  hol

by the look on your face in the jeep you planned to eat all the food while paul peddled on .he'll learn one day! keep safe both of you love from all xx .
Feb 24, 2006 by Peter Murray
Re:  Pies and Bananas

So you manaed to complete the cycling trek - or at least the photos suggest you did. You didn't need to say the Canadian was a twit, that was always the case.

The weather here in the UK is pretty ...  (more...)
Feb 22, 2006 by Keith Mould
Re:  Good Luck

Hi Paul & Helen - only just got the link for your website, looks as though your both having a great time. Don't you just love it when a plan works - Well Done to the both of you and good luck for the ...  (more...)
Feb 22, 2006 by anna P
Re:  Salt Flats

Oh My God!
I have just read entry 51!
Congratulations on being alive and not having killed anyone else or yourselves!!
Whilst i am generally jealous of all the adventures you are having, today, as i ...  (more...)
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