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Dec 1, 2005 by Mom & Dad Earl
Re:  Last leg of trip

According to your trip schedule,you should be in Paris and on the way home.We are cant wait to see you Love Mom & Dad
Nov 24, 2005 by Sandy Morrow
Re:  Happy Thanksgiving


Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! We are having Troy's mom, her man friend, Todd, Justin and Chelsey over to our place for dinner. The house smells wonderful at the moment!! I like not having to ...  (more...)
Nov 21, 2005 by Mom and Dad Earl
Re:  Trip

Hi Rich;We miss you but are glad you had a great time in Lisbon.WE are so proud of you for just being you,good mannors don't cost a thing,if more Americans conducted themselves as you do when abroad ...  (more...)
Nov 21, 2005 by Sandy Morrow
Re:  hello

This is so fun reading about your adventures and I love the pictures. We missed you here on Tammy and Chase's birthdays. Mom and Dad cleaned out their linen closet and found those old Betty ...  (more...)
Nov 18, 2005 by Kathleen Studer
Re:  Prado

So glad you go to go there. I was so impressed by "The Garden...", especially the first tryptic panel, that I got a copy. I love to look at it, I was just so amazed of the colors used and the ...  (more...)
Nov 16, 2005 by Stacy Earl
Re:  Photos

Wow Rich Earl...I think I would love Nerja. Such clear, blue skys and water to match. You took some really beautiful photos. Why aren't we seeing any of the beautiful natives, hm? We need to become a ...  (more...)
Nov 16, 2005 by Tammy Earl
Re:  Your Trip

Man Purses, Mullets and Mayhem OH MY! Sounds like a bad dream, not a dream vacation. Please don't come home with one of those silly hairdo's. We may have to send you packing again. Glad your having ...  (more...)
Nov 15, 2005 by rochelle benavides
Re:  you funny

you freaking crack me up rich earl (stacey, that was for you). i made a second pass through the "man-purse" entry, trying to imagine the keywords one might use for a search engine to hit this page. ...  (more...)
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