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Jun 29, 2009 by Seynabou Mbaye
Re:  Your trip to Africa(Senegal)

When you were in Senegal you were taken on a small part of Dakar and where you were taken was not even a place that we senegleese go there in Dakar , when you are in Dakar you need to stay with a ...  (more...)
Apr 30, 2008 by zhang hong
Re:  travel journal translation on Brazil

Dear Author:

I come from beijing of China,and love to write traveljournals,at the same time like yo read good journals from abroad,today I surfed into your travel blog, and your story fascinated ...  (more...)
Nov 9, 2007 by Jean DeCoto
Re:  stay in Rio and African excursions

I enjoyed your journal Lisbon-Rio. Can you please share Rio hotel name & your evaluation? Were all excursions ship sponsored? Would you take them again after knowing what you now know? We are taking ...  (more...)
Oct 4, 2007 by Anneli Nilsson
Re:  Gambia, Banjul

Dear Wisemen!

I was very impressed to day to find your report about Banjul in Gambia, because we are planning a trip there in the near future. It has been difficult to find traveller's opinions about ...  (more...)
Dec 15, 2005 by Barb Conner
Re:  Cruising again!

Martha, Really have you ever considered writing a book? This is just great. Places I probably won't get to, but seeing it thru your eyes is terrific.
Nov 25, 2005 by Oberon Wonch
Re:  Taste of Three Continents

What a cool trip. I really enjoyed experiencing the journey through your offered samplings. How do you find the time and wherewithal to make your entries? Do you sit down daily to your laptop, or do ...  (more...)
Nov 25, 2005 by Shirin Modaresi
Re:  Glad you are home in one piece.

Hey. Rio sounds cool. Were the diamonds mined in a way that the workers weren't treated horribly? Gabriel and I have been talking (very nonchalantly) about diamond rings, and I had the impression that ...  (more...)
Nov 23, 2005 by Marianne Handler
Re:  Education comments

I am so impressed that you sat quietly with some of that education ranting!! Not sure I could have done it. Agree with your comments -- it was a great time but I don't think I would recommend to young ...  (more...)
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