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May 5, 2006 by Skullface Whitney
Re:  Ski Geeks

I am amazed at how you have made skiing appear to be such a nerdy activity. It's like chess without the black squares. Love the pictures (and the words).
Apr 11, 2006 by Emily Harrington
Re:  Easter Island/ Rapa Nui

Hey there guys,
I have just been reading some of your adventures, they sound so absolutely amazing, you guys are living in another world to me!!!
I was most interested in reading about your visit to ...  (more...)
Mar 31, 2006 by Tom Henderson
Re:  Well now you can feel jealous of me instead of vice versa!

This msg is coming to you live from the red rock bar in arcs 2000. Me, reado (other tom) and andy (wonkey)decided enough was enough and have come out here for 3 weeks. Me and tom are in charge of ...  (more...)
Mar 30, 2006 by daniel miles
Re:  updates

just cos ur hogging mum an dad for a few weeks does not mean u dont update this website! what else am i supposed to do whilst working in camerons? hurry up!
take care mi amigos
daniel xo
Mar 20, 2006 by Aaron Ashton
Re:  what ever

hi dom and stale how is chile it looks very nice. i am going to do a ski instructer course for 11 weeks next season in banff as long as i can get the dosh. i did have a job building power boats in ...  (more...)
Mar 11, 2006 by Random Poem
Re:  Socks

I found this sock,
beneath my bed,
where have you been all week,
i said,
Hiding away the sock replied,
another day on your foot,
and i may have died,

Ps is that good enough for you to send me a ...  (more...)
Mar 8, 2006 by sean Griffin
Re:  U guy's!!!

How are the 2 of u? The pics look really good, I just realised I may not be around when ur home 4 Kylies wedding! Damn, il be of being a POM in Melbourne seeing cousin Tom. Nevermind though im really ...  (more...)
Mar 5, 2006 by Mum & Dad Haynes
Re:  Greetings from Thailand

Hi Crystal & Dom.
Hope you are both keeping well in South America. It seems very odd at the moment sitiing in a hotel in Thailand looking at you in Chile! Its 34C here at the moment. I gather its ...  (more...)
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