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Aug 19, 2005 by Peggy & Bill Pollock
Re:  Presentation

Deb, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us. I am forwarding to a weaver friend of ours. She was a volunteer at the library, as was your mother when I was the director. I am ...  (more...)
Aug 16, 2005 by Mom Luce
Re:  Children

Did you actually teach them the song? Love, Mom
Aug 15, 2005 by Mom Luce
Re:  Dancers & Nice Pictures of You

Glad to see you in some of the pictures. Try and include your friend that is traveling with you also. Neat picture with the children & yourself.

The dancers are just beautiful!

Plane rides - Seems ...  (more...)
Aug 14, 2005 by Mom Luce
Re:  Mr. Kikuo Morimoto

I enjoyed reading about Mr. Morimoto and the Japanese indigo weaver, Sawako help the women who survived the Pol Pot to teach the next generation to weave in the traditional manner and so glad you got ...  (more...)
Aug 13, 2005 by Mom Luce
Re:  Purple dye from an indigenous mollusk

Am reading a book called The Alpabet Versus The Goddness and this purple dye is mentioned in the book. The Phoenicians sold this to the royalty of other Meditrranean nations and purple became ...  (more...)
Aug 11, 2005 by Mom Luce
Re:  Silkworms, Roasted Frog, Crickets on a Stick, Pictures of You

How were those tasty treats? I am taking an enzyme from the silkworm. Has done wonders for my knees. It is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from a micro-organism. This enzyme is naturally present in the ...  (more...)
Aug 4, 2005 by Karen Yurick
Re:  traffic

That traffic experience would make me never complain about traffic again!
And what a deal on a massage....sounded like you needed it!
Aug 3, 2005 by Mom Luce
Re:  Your First Day

What a wonderful experience you are having.

Would love to see a picture of the way the women are dressing, with blue jeans & spiked heels.

Hope you took a picture off of your balcony.

Love a piano ...  (more...)
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