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Feb 23, 2009 by Thelma Olds
Re:  Ghost Towns and Dry Bones

Ohhhh this old brain can't get it right. I hit "enter" thinking it would go down to the message section and it doesn't work that way.

I was curious as to whether Sue has enough props for her art. Is ...  (more...)
Feb 22, 2009 by Chris Williamson
Re:  hello

Hi there. It's been a while since I've written. Sorry. We got a bit of snow again yesterday. I sure wish it would just stay away. The winter has been really long. I'm so excited for the trees to start ...  (more...)
Jan 26, 2009 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  Trip Journal

It is so true..........the longer we wait to enter in our journals, the harder it is to remember the details but you did a great job!! The "fun times" here at Benson with all of you will be the ...  (more...)
Jan 15, 2009 by Laura Carlson

I was sweating just reading the account of your scary drive! I agree with you about it being easier in the driver seat, I always drive in the mountains cuz Troy likes to point and admire even when ...  (more...)
Jan 11, 2009 by Mildred Gustafson
Re:  Sun City West and then what???

It has been some days since we have had an email from you! I know the snow drifts are getting higher and higher but the messages should be coming through at this point, we think! I am in a "delicate" ...  (more...)
Dec 31, 2008 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  Update Dec 31, 2008

We always look forward to your UPDATES - well done. The pics add so much to one's story. So those boulders/rocks actually do fall down. (Scarry)You guys are so much like us, love to explore!! Can't ...  (more...)
Dec 26, 2008 by Laura Carlson
Re:  Merry Christmas

It was nice to talk to you yesterday and this morning. It sure sounds like you had a very nice Christmas Eve and Day. Our eve was very different than our usual day with you guys, but we still enjoyed ...  (more...)
Dec 25, 2008 by Nancy Kendrick
Re:  Happy Christmas

Dearest Sue and Toby,
It's 3:30 here and Christmas Day is coming to a close, although we still have a ham in the oven and are getting ready to make a fire. The snow and unpredictability of whats coming next, changed our plan to go north to Ironwood to ski so it's been a very quiet but pleasant holiday. We went out to a favorite Italian restaurant on Tuesday night and then right next door to hear some jazz. Late yesterday we attended the vesper service at the Unitarian Meeting House and ran into several friends, so we're not lonely although Mike and Vicki are in Chicago and Ann has plans with Po and her friends. A LARGE Catholic family lives next door and all day people have been coming in with coolers of food and presents GALORE. I wouldn't want to be there!
Are you missing your families or has it been a peaceful and welcome relief from the routine? Your letters are entertaining, but when you say something can't be described and you really have to be here to see it,
I want to hear more! The pictures are helpful and come through very quickly and clearly.
Talked to Ned at Thanksgiving and he's quite certain they will be visiting you and looking around for their own possible spot. I'm sure the weather has convinced and persuaded them that climate change might be a reality.
We thought we might visit friends in Porta Gorda, Florida which is close to Sanibel Island but now we don't think we can afford it even with a lower gas price. I've never been to New Orleans and that's a straight drive south so perhaps will think about that sometime in March when the dreariness really sets in. But for now we're warm, secure, healthy and looking forward to Obama setting everything in order. Loving best wishes to you both and keep those reports coming! Nan and Paul
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