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15 Jan 2009 by sharon bork
Re:  your trip

Thank you so much for the wonderful updates on your trip. I have looked forward to receiving updates and have enjoyed traveling vicariously through you!

Sharon Bork
Field Stevenson School
9 Nov 2008 by Melissa Grivois
Re:  Machu Pichu

All I can say is that I am incredibly jealous of you two. I want to go to all of the places you have been and I don't have any goodies to prove that I know people who have actually been. I hope you ...  (more...)
29 Oct 2008 by Melissa Grivois
Re:  Peru

Can you send me a shirt that says Cuzco on it? Cuzco is Cuzco's namesake. and if we ever get him a girlfriend she will be named Lima.
21 Oct 2008 by Paul Nicholson
Re:  safe travels

Hey Boys ~ Cool journal. I like! Hope your South America adventure is fabulous. Very much enjoyed your pix on FB. Bring back some warm weather for January OK? :)
16 Oct 2008 by Melissa Grivois
Re:  Clothing

Don't forget to pack shirts! Enjoy your trip, wear bug repellent, the bugs in SA can actually kill you if they want to. Spiders the size of plates. Ewww. Have fun, be safe. Love Always!

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