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Oct 30, 2012 by Thelma` Olds
Re:  your expeditious pursuits

Thanks for your updates. Very interesting. 8000 feet up....scary. I bet you were panting for more breath.

Awaiting your next journal,
Dec 5, 2011 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  Camping

Thanks for sharing the pics/text - so good to see your kids/gkids; a lot of familiar faces and places - so glad we had the opportunity to come see you guys, your families, and familiar places!! It ...  (more...)
Nov 28, 2011 by KathyLee Wever
Re:  FUN!

Tobe and Sue,
I was great to read the past two entries and get caught up on what you are all doing. I am so glad you have decided to vacation at home. I would bet your family is so very happy that you are staying in town and building some fantastic memories with them. Sounds like you are all having so much fun and I love looking at the pictures.

Sue, are you going to get any painting in? I think the dog sled deal sounds so GREAT!!!

We stayed home here for Thanksgiving and I made my first turkey ever! It was a lot of fun. Then after Mark worked on Friday we drove up to CT to say hello to Uncle Jim and then back down the NY to spend Friday night to this morning ( Monday) with Victoria and Larry. We had a great time and I think I have had my fill of Turkey and all the other TG stuff for awhile!

We did celebrate our 20 year anniversary too on Nov 22nd ....can you believe it?

Sue, sorry I think I missed your birthday!!! So, happy belated birthday to you...

Love and miss you,
Nov 27, 2011 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  Last entry.........Being Home

Hey now.........THAT's WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! Good entry. We enjoyed seeing your house full and all your family. The kids must be so happy that you are at home for the Holidays!! Looked cold tho!! ...  (more...)
Nov 23, 2011 by Nancy Kendrick
Re:  Staying Home

Is this the best way to say hello and Happy Thanksgiving? I didn't want to call because I know you're preparing to have your families there tonight. We're going to our neighbors this evening and over ...  (more...)
Nov 17, 2011 by Dennis and Marilyn Delo
Re:  Latest news

Hi Toby and Sue.
Sorry we're not much for writing but glad to know you guys seem to be doing OK too. We're thinking about you though. We just got back from another work camping (same place) job in ...  (more...)
Feb 16, 2011 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  Belle Star.....

Glad you made it safely and were there when needed. Definitely a good feeling!! Enjoyed the pics in addition to your story!! Walked with Sue this morning......she said they miss you guys!! Took ...  (more...)
Feb 16, 2011 by Jackie Bryant
Re:  Your winter

Hi again, sound like you guys are having a great winter. The horse, Toby, sounds lie quite an animal, I hope he learns about fences. It has been fantastically warm here this week, another couple days ...  (more...)
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