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Sep 21, 2015 by Bob Gorman
Re:  SEPT. 16 POST

Been there. Got turned around in a San Diego park once.... I now mark my vehicle with a waypoint and turn the tracking app on my GPS on now every time I go after multiple caches from one parked location...... I passed the same restrooms and popcorn guy several times. Cant imagine being disoriented in the desert.... Glad it worked out !!!!
Jun 10, 2015 by Lynn Wells
Re:  Denali

Good luck when you get to Denali. Scott and I were lucky enough to actually see it! (I think they say it's visible only 30% of the time - go early - we were in the first group that left at 6 am) I ...  (more...)
Jun 8, 2015 by Rosalie Kerl
Re:  posts to date

You take some very beautiful photos; not just the scenery, but also your techniques and staging. The brown flowers are called chocolate lilies. I don't know the name of the purple ones, yet. I agree ...  (more...)
May 22, 2015 by Marjorie Lambert
Re:  Travel Blog

Great travel blog! I found it through the Full Time RV Facebook site. You have inspired me to start geocaching again! Used to a few years ago and it was fun. Introduced us to places we never would ...  (more...)
Apr 3, 2015 by Bob Gorman
Re:  Smith Rock

Great journal entry. Loved the photos. Really liked the RR Bridge photo. What an engineering feat to erect something so beautifully complex in such an unwilling landscape. THANK YOU Ellie. We are ...  (more...)
Apr 2, 2015 by Tammy Warren
Re:  Misery Ridge

I loved this entry! I felt like I was right there with you guys. I could hear Mike calling you a stubborn old woman. I so hope we can all meet up somewhere in this big wonderland! Miss you guys. And ...  (more...)
Apr 1, 2015 by Joyce hildebrand
Re:  kidds on the road

hi Ellie! I so enjoy all of your posts. We will all miss you at our next clothesline quilt show scheduled for May 17th, I think. We are having a barbecue this time. You know what great fun these get ...  (more...)
Apr 1, 2015 by Rebecca Kidd
Re:  Hi There!

I met you guys in Pennsville and then again in Oregon and I stayed in your trailer. It was very comfortable. If your ever back on the east coast or find yourself in NYC, let me know and I'll block off ...  (more...)
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