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Sep 20, 2006 by (cousin) cynthia (hepworth) carter
Re:  i envy you two!

i am so jealous :) i have dreamed of going to africa since i was alittle girl. thank you for sharing your experiences and wonderful picutres. so although i haven't made it to africa yet, you did make it seem as though i was on the trip also, so thank you again. take care and good luck with the two of you and your new careers. :)
love, cousin cynthia (waldo's oldest daughter)
Sep 15, 2006 by Lisa Bavin
Re:  pics

Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know what a brilliant job you have done with the website! I love all the pics, they are amazing and thanks for sharing them with us!!
I want to go back!!
Sep 15, 2006 by Lara Goold
Re:  Your Trip Journal

This is amazing. I'm so glad you put this together, so we could share in your adventure. Thanks for the effort and time you put into creating this for all of us.
Heather--your pictures are ...  (more...)
Sep 14, 2006 by Stephen Crain
Re:  Your African Adventures

Amazing trip and even more amazing pix.

Thanx for sharing!

Glad you are both home safely.

Go Cougs!!

Love, Dad-Mom