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Nov 4, 2009 by jacquelyn bryant
Re:  Hi from Jackie

Hi Toby & sue,
Sound like a beautiful place to be, was that you surfing Toby? Keep away from those Fiddler Crabs, they look pretty ugly, hopefully they are afraid of you and will go the other way. ...  (more...)
Nov 3, 2009 by Mildred Gustafson
Re:  the home-front

Good Evening,Snow birds down Texas-way! It was several days that you did not write. Ofcourse, you did say you and all your traveling friends were having a hey-day as you gathered at the same RV park! ...  (more...)
Nov 3, 2009 by Stephanie Truax
Re:  Hello

I hope the weather is nice for you. Do you post pictures?
Oct 29, 2009 by Chris Williamson
Re:  just to say "hi"

Good morning! Just wanted to say "hi" again. I'm heading in to work but wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hoping that you're having lots of fun! Love you both so much!
Oct 26, 2009 by Jacquelyn Bryant
Re:  Best Wishes from your neighbor

Hi guys, sounds like you've been having good travels and visits and now at your destination, that's good.
Miss you, when I look over and see the motorhome gone, that's when I notice it the most. ...  (more...)
Oct 25, 2009 by Ned & Gerogia Kendrick
Re:  Birthday

Happy Birthday Sue. Sent card but probably won't get there until later in the coming week. Miss you. Have a great time.
Ned and Georgia
Oct 25, 2009 by Linda/Newell Zeller
Re:  New Place

Good Morning and Happy Birthday Sue!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! We'll try to call you later today. So-o you've already moved.........sounds like a nice place. We'll have to look it up on the ...  (more...)
Oct 25, 2009 by cindy buck
Re:  today

Sue , have a GREAT Birthday and an excellent year . Toby take care of that Great girl you got .... Stay safe both of you see you in the spring , Cindy
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