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Jun 13, 2005 by Val Clarkson
Re:  Happy Birthday

Hi Vanessa,
Happy Birthday to you from all at RHS. Sounds like you are having a fabby time. Hope you have a great day today. Programme on TV last night about the New Zealand gangs "mongrels" supposed ...  (more...)
Jun 13, 2005 by Mickey Rooney
Re:  Birthday girl!!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Doctor Manly
Happy Birthday to you

You have to imagine it chanted rather than being tunefully delivered as it is booms out across the ...  (more...)
Jun 12, 2005 by Anna Carter
Re:  Don't expect us to feel sorry for you.....!

I don't know why you're all whingeing so much about the weather, it's just as cold here in Macclesfield and we're supposedly in the middle of summer!!! Sounds like you're having a fabulous time. We're ...  (more...)
Jun 12, 2005 by karen ward
Re:  Ness's birthday

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!(and this must mean I've missed Gordon's...).Hope the sun shines for you.Am writing from a coin thing in a Lanzarote hotel to the strains(and it is a strain, trust me) of ...  (more...)
Jun 12, 2005 by Lil & Tony Middleton

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESS! Hope you have a wonderful day and keep warm whatever you do! Thinking of you and you can be sure we will also make this a Special Occasion to raise our glasses to you in ...  (more...)
Jun 12, 2005 by jane Hinton
Re:  ageist guestbook!

whilst thoroughly enjoyed reading messages from Roz and your friends who qualify for title "bright young things", what about one from an Aged Parent?! Hoping you will post this to prove IT competence ...  (more...)
Jun 9, 2005 by Gavin & Helen Shields
Re:  Bates family skiving tour(sorry - fascinating educational fact finding trip)

Hi Guys.Glad to see you got to New Zealand OK - can't see much of a red line on your map yet to show where you have been.Glad also to see you have got tickets for the Lions match (even if they did ...  (more...)
Jun 8, 2005 by Jo & Phil Saunders
Re:  your trip

Well, we can't beleive you have gone. Hope the Singapore slings went down well. The itinerary looks fab and we are insanely jealous. However, the sun has come out for two days so really you may as ...  (more...)
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