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Jun 30, 2007 by Sheryl Thyne
Re:  boat builder

Boat looks great. Didn't realise so much work went into it. Glad it FLOATS!!! Bye from a wet Perth!!
Jun 11, 2007 by Lynda Di Rosso
Re:  Crazy website

Hi Cynth and Dad

Saw your website, that is great!! Good way to keep up with what you are doing and seeing. Sory missed your B'day Cynth, talk soon xxx
Jun 11, 2007 by Lorna Van Feggelen
Re:  Personal page

Hi guys
Am looking at your page Cynthia and it looks great at the moment and will probably be the best journal yet. Hope things are going great in your travels and certainly miss you both. You both ...  (more...)
Jun 10, 2007 by Carolie Muraru
Re:  G'day

Just a catchup, and to wish Cynth a beautiful and joyful belated Birthday!
Jun 9, 2007 by Sheryl Thyne
Re:  cray season

Ok when did cray season start!! I feel those crabs were genetically modified & hope you got bloody indigestion!! If not genetically modified then magnified!!! So good to see you left the ...  (more...)
Jun 8, 2007 by Fiona Thyne
Re:  hello

So jealous of the mud crab and cray - mail me some, please! It all looks fantastic and looks like you are having the time of your life. CU Fiona XXXX
Jun 8, 2007 by K C
Re:  Boat bum

Awwww nothing but bloody fish....I wonder where an old sea dog(scratch, scratch) can get a good steak!!
Jun 6, 2007 by Pam Jenkinson
Re:  Trip journal

Great to hear your news, Cyn, we will follow your travels with much interest. I have finally decided to retire, the body says it is time, so we look forward to some new ventures ahead! Finish sometime ...  (more...)
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