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Jun 30, 2005 by David & Suz Nicholl
Re:  Josette Iris Nicholl

Josette also known as Josie was born at 22.43 on 29th June. weight 6lbs 1 oz 3 weeks early which caught us unawares by C/S. I'm now desperately tring to get some baby clothes asap!! Josie and Suz both ...  (more...)
Jun 30, 2005 by sunny deo
Re:  greetings

hope you're all well and that you didnt have tickets for the 1st test: looked wet + miserable!

thanks v much for the anniversary card. how do you do it!!

no other major news from lechlade, apart ...  (more...)
Jun 28, 2005 by louis moore
Re:  message for gully

hi gully I wanted to tell you that in year 5 we will be 5k and taught by mrs scott and tell people the balloon joke.I got a free make poverty histry wrist band .And when you see me i will have long ...  (more...)
Jun 27, 2005 by louis moore
Re:  message for gully and kings

hi gully and kings,it is very boring at school so you're lucky.And I liked your pictures it looks great and I got the card,thanks.and the trampoline looks good but it isnt as big as my one.where are ...  (more...)
Jun 27, 2005 by Dave Moore
Re:  Lions and Whales II

Ugh. We of course saw none of the "action" in rugby-crazy Peru but the post-mortems on the assorted websites that I cruised in vain search of redeeming comments were pretty damning. As was my Dad's ...  (more...)
Jun 26, 2005 by Chris Wardle
Re:  oh the pain

Oh Gordon,
Where does it go? Unfortunately I haven't s4een one second of rugby this weekend. Sky have ALL the bloody rights no highlights or anything and you try and find a pub open with a TV at 8 in ...  (more...)
Jun 24, 2005 by Mandy and Miles Allibone
Re:  dolphin watching

great to hear all your news, must start off by saying what glorious weather we have beeen having, but no surprise it is pouring with rain today and we are having thunder storms! i can sympathize with ...  (more...)
Jun 20, 2005 by Naz Kabir
Re:  Trip of a lifetime

First off, we would like to say a happy belated birthday to Ness and Kings. Secondly, we have just read through your site up to today and it sounds truly amazing and we are extremely jealous!

Seems ...  (more...)
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