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Aug 1, 2007 by Annette Fookes
Re:  Leaving Oz

Safe travel. Going with you in spirit. Looking forwad to the next adventures love Annete
Jul 27, 2007 by JULIA LES BROOKES
Re:  broome

Great fotos Cynth, 110%holiday on the cruise loved every minute of it.
back in Jurien now saving for europe, next year.Love J and L
Jul 22, 2007 by Sheryl Thyne
Re:  crabs

okay I get the message. the crabs are huge in the north. STOP sending PHOTO'S of F*#*ing crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 21, 2007 by Fiona Thyne
Re:  hello

Looking good. Where can I get fake fish like that -?Magnamail!!!!! Great the dog is still alive - good source of red meat when you get sick of fish. CU
Jul 21, 2007 by Annette Fookes
Re:  Lady C

Hi to you both. Just a note to say how much I am still enjoying your entries. The scarey thing about the building of the Lady C is that I remember most of it. Must be time I moved an & left town... ...  (more...)
Jul 21, 2007 by henry Weiro
Re:  Boat bum

Arkkkk. sailed away and left me erh? taught me to speak the lingo then nicked off.Squarrk ! well heres wot i think of "hello Henry" and wolf whistles.phifffff!
Jul 20, 2007 by Helen du Boulay
Re:  Boat Bum

have u knocked those two crazies of the boat yet? If u werent such a dog u would be sailing solo.
Jul 18, 2007 by Lorna Van Feggelen
Re:  How the hell are you going??

Hi guys
Was just sitting here and had a thought about you. Hope all is going well and that you are still getting some good journal.
So where are you now and how is the weather???
So take care and ...  (more...)
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