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Jul 27, 2005 by Lara and Tani Henderson
Re:  News

Dear Gully
Did you know we have got a new girl in our class called Sophie from Billesley school where she had a bad teacher, but probably was not Sian's Mum.
We went to the Twenty/20 cricket and it ...  (more...)
Jul 26, 2005 by Greg Bodycote
Re:  Diving.......but not as we know it!

What on earth are you doing diving on the first engineer's wife? Standards please Gordon....standards! Had it been the Captain's wife, then well, that's another story.
This was intended to be a clean ...  (more...)
Jul 25, 2005 by Martyn Hull
Re:  Hello

Hey Ness and the boys,
Finally got of me arse to say "hello". Just about coping in the surgery without you Ness, but there's a big box of notes that need summarising: I'll Fed-ex them out to Fiji.... ...  (more...)
Jul 14, 2005 by roz manley
Re:  Gregs comments!!

Having just read Gregs message I am sure he will be pleased with the new "Gordon-in-Rubber" photos!!
Jul 6, 2005 by Greg Bodycote
Re:  Your extended adventure

Now that your back in communication thought i'd drop you a line - sounds like you're all having a great time despite falling out of trees, excess vomiting and high seas. Pity about the Rugby, but then ...  (more...)
Jul 6, 2005 by Lil & Tony Middleton
Re:  Reeling from your latest instalment!

Only just now recovering from the kayak trip - and that's just reading about it! Just cannot imagine how you are surviving(and enjoying) all these incredible adventures: you are the bravest members of ...  (more...)
Jul 5, 2005 by Jane Hinton
Re:  Tonga Tales or Kayaking Kapers!

Gosh - you have stunned the Three Ladies with your latest posting! Roz saw fit to text me the moment she read it and Lil e.mailed to say she was reeling from the same experience!! What adventures with ...  (more...)
Jul 4, 2005 by Gavin Shields
Re:  Radio Silence

Where are you Guys?
Does not every Atoll have an Internet Cafe now? (If you can't find it carry on past the Starbucks & The MacDonalds & you can't miss it)
The green line on the map has gone eerily ...  (more...)
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