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Aug 3, 2005 by Sue Smith
Re:  Chat

Hello all of you
So your weather's been a bit iffy too!! The tornado was pretty peculiar as you can imagine; it's amazing no one died. We had been out all day and were horrified as our taxi was ...  (more...)
Aug 3, 2005 by Greg Bodycote
Re:  B'ham's Tornado.....again!

It's ok.......we've found it! Yesterday I was driving through Small Heath and right there, as if by magic, on a piece of scraggy waste ground was No. 72. Perfectly reconstructed; you've got some ...  (more...)
Aug 1, 2005 by roz manlkey
Re:  Medical Quickie!!!

Having just read read last entry, in view of swaying boat etc, thought initially that ref to D+N meant Diarrhea and Nausea!!! Sorry Dave and Nat - just that Ness does use initial to diagnose!!

Maybe ...  (more...)
Aug 1, 2005 by Richard Cook
Re:  Weather!

Sounds interesting! It is not much better here-pissed with rain for the last 2 days but no tornados down south-is the house OK? Hope you are all enjoying it despite the weather-we are certainly ...  (more...)
Aug 1, 2005 by Chris Bates
Re:  Swimming in Suava

now this looks better: very jealous.
Looking forward to you coming home
All our love
Jul 31, 2005 by steve brinksman
Re:  chit chat

Hi all, I am enjoying reading all your exploits and sorry the weather has been wetter than expected, I am concerned about this but that nice Mr Bush reassures me there is no such thing as greenhose ...  (more...)
Jul 31, 2005 by Jane Hinton
Re:  post tornado!

Couldn't believe the News when it mentioned the tornado in Birmingham and then zoomed into a map of the city with the words Kings Heath and Moseley writ large! Phoned Chris immediately and heard that ...  (more...)
Jul 29, 2005 by paula thomas
Re:  tornado

I'm not sure if you've heard the news that there was a freak tornado in Moseley yesterday( what other type of tornado would we expect!), but on driving past your house does not appear to have been ...  (more...)
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