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Feb 16, 2011 by Thelma Olds
Re:  Your 2/14 entry

That was quite a story. Elmer enjoyed reading it with me.

You always have so much to share that is interesting. We really appreciate your taking time to post your travelling.

We are having above ...  (more...)
Feb 16, 2011 by Belle Starr
Re:  Toby and Sue's visit to "Silverado"

You two pulled into "Silverado" at just the right time----As always--
So glad to see two of my very favorite friends from Minnesota.
I will get you the pictures I took when YOU help me get them ...  (more...)
Feb 13, 2011 by Thelma Olds
Re:  Your Journal

Sure glad to have you back. Sounds like life has been to the fullest for you.

In the midst of Vasa Art Show. Some real unique and very artistic pieces.Artists from far and wide in this area. Very ...  (more...)
Feb 12, 2011 by Mildred Gustafson
Re:  Homeward?

Good to hear from 'you guys'!

Methinks you are winding your way back to 821 Edwards! Right?

Thank you for the Valentine greeting; postmarked Albuquerqe!

The welcome mat is out..........even though ...  (more...)
Feb 11, 2011 by cindy buck
Re:  finally

I was beginning to think you two may had fallen off the face of the earth So I am so glad that is not the case . I really was concerned about you and your family's welfare . Glad to hear all is well . ...  (more...)
Feb 11, 2011 by Jackie Bryant
Re:  Your winter

Yes finally an entry, been wondering about you guys. It has been very cold, but sounds like a big warm up starting this weekend and going throught next week, may hit 40, that will feel wonderful. ...  (more...)
Dec 22, 2010 by Jackie Bryant
Re:  Merry Christmas

Hi guys,

Sounds like you are having a good time. You're missing all the snow and cold weather.

Just wanted to wish you both a very blessed Christmas and the best New Year!!!

Dec 19, 2010 by Thelma Olds
Re:  My Posts

Yes, your journals are coming through from you. I must have hit the wrong button and zing, my sentence was gone and I couldn't chase it down.

Merry Christmas to you'uns down there enjoying warm ...  (more...)
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